About Spaander

The hotel is named after Leendert Spaander (1855-1955) When Leendert married Aaltje Kout, their German friend Carl Windels had a painting made with the words ‘Artist Kom Binne’ (Artist come in) painted on it. With this painting they invited painters working in Volendam to meet each other and to work from their own home.

Because of his extended knowledge of different languages, Leendert soon came in contact with foreign painters. In their search of traditional subjects, the foreign painters already discovered Volendam and were in fact the first tourists of Volendam. The house soon became too small and in 1881 Leendert and Aaltje bought a small cafe on the Dike, with the serious intention of making it a meeting place for artists all over the world: a place where they could work together and inspire one another.

They wanted to make a colony of artists, which arose all over the world. Leendert put everything on the wall: the pieces of art he received out of gratitude as well as the ones he received as payment for offering the artists a hotel room. This way, a remarkable collection of paintings was collected, one that is still expanding today, thanks to the current owners of the hotel (since 1963): The Volendammer family Schilder (nicknamed Madoet).