About art hotel Spaander

Art hotel Spaander was founded in 1881 by Leendert Spaander (1855-1955). Leendert came in contact with foreign painters, that had discovered the village of Volendam. In fact: they were the first tourists of the picturesque village. Leendert became friends with the painters and bought a small café with his wife Aaltje Kout. They turned their café into a hotel to give painters the opportunity to work, but also to form a meeting place for painters all over the world. In short: their mission was to make the hotel a place where painters could work together and inspire each other.

Painters of all kind of nationalities came to the hotel and brought their own techniques, specialties and methods. The Volendam clothing, the sea and landscape around the hotel were a source of inspiration for the painters. But, so were the seven daughters that were born. You can find several drawings and portraits in the hotel that are dedicated to Leendert daughters. Drawings were not only used to be hung in the hotel, but also to pay the hotel bill.

Three daughters married an artist which ensured an expansion of Spaander’s art collection. Another daughter, Alida Spaander, took over the company from her father in 1919. As a result, the hotel has an impressive collection of more than 1400 artworks.

Art hotel Spaander has played a major role in the tourism sector for Volendam. When thinking of the Netherlands, foreigners usually think of wooden shoes, tulips and cheese. Their association is coming from the drawings that the painters took abroad. This created ‘the typical Dutch image’. Nowadays, art hotel Spaander is owned by family Schilder. Since 2006, the collection has been expanded with modern paintings.