Relive 19th century Volendam and
make your own
historic memories
in the artistic Hotel Spaander

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Welcoming artists and tourists since 1881.
Volendam’s most historic and iconic location.

Let me take you into my story of how a simple inn became Hotel Spaander. Opened as a café in 1854, my wife Aaltje and I took over this café in 1881 to house some of the acquaintances I had gained from traveling overseas. This is how the grand, elegant and iconic Hotel Spaander was born.

hotel spaander volendam

Choose your room based on
the experience you want.

Want to sleep in the 19th Century?
Kamer 1 offers you the real experience.

All of our other bedrooms offer traditional,
classical and authentic Dutch features...

...and some with more modern twist.

Kies uw kamer gebaseerd op
de ervaring die u wilt.

Wil je in de 19e eeuw slapen?
Kamer 1 biedt je de oorspronkelijke ervaring.

Al onze kamers zijn voorzien van traditionele,
klassieke en authentiek-Nederlandse kenmerken...

... en sommige met een modernere twist.

Wählen Sie Ihr Zimmer basierend auf
die gewünschte Erfahrung.

Möchten Sie im 19. Jahrhundert schlafen?
Raum 1 bietet Ihnen das ursprüngliche Erlebnis.

Alle unsere Zimmer sind mit traditionellen,
klassischen und authentischen niederländischen Elementen ausgestattet...

... und einige mit einem moderneren Touch.


My wife Aaltje and I took over the café of Pieter Steur
It was built on the outside of the dike in 1854. It was precisely during this time that the old fishing villages along the Zuiderzee were discovered by artists who were attracted to the authentic and picturesque life of the residents.


American artists discover Holland.
Around this time the Americans came to the Netherlands in search of their roots from the 17th century Netherlands. Painters searched for the typical Dutch landscapes and cloudy skies that they knew from the work of famous Dutch masters such as Rembrandt, Vermeer and Ruysdael.


The tourist trend started to take off.
There was a boat service on Marken. Later on there was also a tour by steam tram, barge and botter where Broek in Waterland, Monnickendam, Edam, Volendam and Marken were visited. A lunch in our grand dining rooms at Spaander was included in this "tour".


Alida Spaander, my daughter took over the hotel.
Alida bought dozens of paintings by her artistic brothers-in-law Georg Hering & Willm Wouters.


The hotel flourished and was expanded and modernised.
Alida constructed the conservatory and big events could be hosted. Running water was also installed in the hotel rooms for a more comfortable stay.


Hotel Spaander spreads its wings
"De Goede Hoop"-wing of the building containing meeting facilities and an additional 37 rooms were constructed. The hotel now offered 82 rooms with 175 beds. The art collection was still used to attract art lovers and creators from all over the world.


Now a true authentic Dutch hotel with characterful interiors and traditional design throughout. 

I look forward to welcoming you to proceed this journey. Will you continue to write history with me?
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Leendert's tips for Volendam

Did you know I am a trained skipper and fisherman? Why not experience the Markermeer and take the boat across to Marken, separated from the mainland in the 13th Century due to a storm.

I have listed a few of my most memorable and special places in Volendam.

Release your inner artist

Ask at reception for paper and pens. Sit on the dike and draw something you see

Dutch Cuisine

Volendam is famous for its traditional fishery. Try our famous catch of the day from De Dijk.

Visit the traditional island Marken

Take the ferry to Marken, the traditional island where you'll go back in time to the 19th centrury.